The Liminal Course

Learn to reduce stress, process painful memories, clear away unhelpful beliefs, and connect to your intuition.

When your mind is clouded by stress and negative emotions, it’s hard to do what you want to do, become who you know you are, or even feel the way you want to feel.

This six-module course, full of science-backed and psychology-informed tools, puts you in touch with your mind’s natural power to heal and maintain itself.

You are meant for more—and you deserve to feel emotions like joy, gratitude, peace of mind, and powerful satisfaction.
You have always had the mental resources to live this way… But they likely lay under years of stress and negative conditioning.
The Liminal Course puts your mind back in touch with its power—to help you more easily transform yourself and transcend.

About the Liminal Approach

The Liminal Course works with the state between conscious thought and the subconscious. It’s the world you enter after you stop actively thinking about stresses and problems, but before you move into the relative unconsciousness of sleep.

It’s in this virtually infinite dreamlike state that The Liminal Course frees you up to tap into your mind’s capacity for self-healing, creative ideation, and natural solution-creation.

The Course uses specially designed guided relaxations and other tools and techniques to help problem thoughts, emotions, and desires painlessly dissolve.

Why guided relaxation? Meditation typically requires attention. Guided relaxation, on the other hand, requires the opposite. It works best if you relax and let your thoughts drift—or even fall asleep!

Here’s the best part: when you’re done the course, you’ll have a life-long toolkit you can use to gain clarity, confidence, and control over your reactions and emotions.

Learn more about the Liminal approach by downloading a FREE guided relaxation (click button under the video below).

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Here’s Mike Parker, founder of Liminal Coaching and creator of the Liminal Course, discussing the Liminal approach:


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Here’s what’s included in
The Liminal Course:

Week 1

  • Learn about how the Course and Liminal Coaching work.
  • Discover resources on the causes of stress and on techniques for relieving immediate stress and erasing accumulated stress.
  • Learn how to notice thoughts and reactions, use breathing to calm anxiety, use body consciousness to replace negative rumination, and more. 

Week 2

  • Get more background on stress and its effects.
  • Find out about the power of daydreaming, the depths of the subconscious mind, some of the vital functions of REM sleep, and more.
  • Use the “Drift to Peace” guided relaxation to help naturally rid your mind and body of stress.

Week 3

  • Learn about unprocessed traumatic memory and its central place in trauma, PTSD, and phobia.
  • Discover what “rewind” is—and how and why it works.
  • Use the “Hall of Resolving” guided relaxation to process negative memories and relieve yourself from repeated emotional triggering.

Week 4

  • Learn how unquestioned beliefs can limit you, reduce your understanding, and prevent you from making desired progress in your life
  • Discover how to use Solutions Focused Thinking to create your preferred future.
  • Use the “Empty Cup” guided relaxation to clear out old irrelevant beliefs (e.g. ‘I’m not good enough’) and create a clear space to install new beliefs.

Week 5

  • Learn what your “intuition” actually is—and how to use it to your benefit.
  • Discover how to sharpen your intuition and process multiple inputs to determine what yours is telling you.
  • Use the “Navigator” guided relaxation to better connect to your intuitive capabilities.

Week 6

  • Learn how everything you’ve done to this point fits together to make a toolkit that can be used life-long.
  • Get a roadmap to help you further explore the liminal space.
  • Use the “Return to Source” guided relaxation to bring your authentic self to the world and stimulate and encourage a state of “flow.”

You’ll also be given access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, enjoy bonus resources, and connect with other students in the Liminal Course.

Meet Your Instructor

Mike Parker

Mike Parker is the Founder of Liminal Coaching and developed the technique that gave the company its name. He created the Liminal Course to give people a self-paced way to experience the power of the Liminal approach.

He has over 30 years of experience helping clients innovate, overcome challenges, and improve performance across a wide range of personal and professional domains.

He is a qualified Solutions Focused Therapist and a Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute, an independent think tank dedicated to solving complex social, economic, and environmental crises.

Mike’s interests are deep and broad, ranging across psychology, anthropology, philosophy, math, business, music, economics, culture, and systems thinking. He has an MBA in innovation, finance, and strategy and has pursued additional studies in Systems Thinking and Governance.

Live without Constant Fear, Scarcity, Anger, and Other Negative Feelings

Yes, you can feel better than you realize—and accomplish anything you set your mind to…
And you can do it yourself, without pills or potions.

The Liminal Course can quite literally set you free to become more—and be more—than you ever thought you could.

Reduce stress, clear away unhelpful thoughts and stimulate intuition and flow with The Liminal Course

This is a fully self-paced course that you can take at your convenience and return to whenever you like.


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