The Dance of Souls:

The Relationship (R)Evolution

A deep experiential exploration into conscious relationships through an evolving understanding of the loving nature of the Universe

Do you find yourself falling into relationship patterns that you wish you could change?
Do you wonder what it is about you that would cause people to treat you a certain way?
Would you like to take your understanding of relationships to another level and learn how they ALL serve us? - (the good, the bad and the ugly?)

This course is for anyone who has been hurt by, or has hurt someone close to them.

  • You will come to understand what it is in you that has invited people in your life to treat you certain ways
  • Understand your defense mechanisms that have led you to be hurtful to others
  • Recognize that the people in your life, who you thought were cruel and unkind acted this way, not because they don't love you, but because they love you enough to show you the parts of yourself that you don't yet love, and vice versa


This is The Dance of Souls!

Once you understand this new way of looking at relationships, you can identify the parts of yourself that need deep healing and stop the patterns of behavior that have caused you and others pain.

At this end of this course you will shift your perspective from that of pain and anger to one of love and thankfulness to those people who loved you enough to dance with your soul and assist you in your journey to self-love and self-acceptance.

With a new understanding of the universe, and a change of some core assumptions you will have the tools to grow and enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships with self, family, significant others, and friends.

Includes FREE access to the online version of THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm.

Connie and Andrew Introduce The Dance of Souls


The Program Includes Six Modules

Each with Paradigm-shifting Information, Inspiring Meditations and Profound Exercises

Module 1

Introduction to the Course and facilitator Connie Baxter Marlow

Purpose and details of the course with Connie sharing how she became aware of The Dance of Souls through her own personal experiences, with a meditation, and self-reflection journaling exercise.

Module 2

Assumptions and Worldview

A look into examining and shifting core assumptions about the nature of the Universe bringing a new perspective on our life’s journey and relationships, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

Module 3

Relationships: Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms

A deep look at relationships and upsetting behaviors that have plagued us our entire lives. Moving out of victim/perpetrator, shame/blame into the absolute loving nature of the Universe, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.


Module 4

The Internal and External Challenges

A look at our resistance to bringing hidden feelings about ourselves, shown to us by others, into the light for us to see and integrate and move beyond our mask into our true selves, with a meditation and journaling.


Module 5

Seeing the Gifts and Challenges of Intimate Relationships

We see that we incarnated to experience certain behaviors and wounds to accept and love ourselves and trust a loving Universe through understanding what creates our reality, with a meditation and journaling.

Module 6

Walking the Walk of Love, Lover, Beloved

We align our mind and heart and truly embody the understandings brought through this process by choosing how to live and respond to people and circumstances in our life, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

Special Bonus

Featuring a wrap-up contribution by Wowza/Elisa Lodge

Wowza shares the secret of perpetually renewing the ecstatic passion, playful aliveness, and body wisdom of our original nature.

Your Facilitators

Connie Baxter Marlow &
Andrew Cameron Bailey

Connie and Andrew have been in The Dance of Souls for sixteen years. Connie shares her insights into the deep purpose of relationships gleaned over her lifetime. Andrew guides meditations for each module inspired by his spiritual understanding. Together they offer a rich tapestry of information and experiences for this unique journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Connie and Andrew are paradigm-shifters, filmmakers, authors, futurists and social philosophers whose uplifting vision is a bold synthesis of indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. In their book “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” they bring tools for solutions to the dilemmas which keep us from walking in alignment with our heart and true purpose. They foresee a completely new and unprecedented world: one of peace, harmony and abundance, which has never before existed on Earth.

The Dance of Souls

This is a fully self-paced course that you can take at your convenience and return to whenever you like.*

Includes FREE online access to Connie & Andrew's book



*The Dance of Souls course is designed to support you through a number of deep self-reflection and journaling activities and IS NOT lecture intensive. 

"The Dance of Souls is timely, profound and effective. Your personal introduction is superb Connie. Your clarity is startling. I had an agenda this morning, but your course took me on a detour where I spent hours absorbed in your presentations and workshop material. Bravo!"

Melanya Boraker
Sedona, Arizona

"I am inspired with the content in this course. I spent years studying and integrating different modalities to arrive at the strategies revealed in The Dance of Souls. You have concisely captured and presented a way of interacting in relationships that works magic!"

Ardis Hoffman
Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing

"This Course Was LIFE-CHANGING!!! Thank you!!! I have found peace and harmony in myself because Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey helped me take back the power I had given away. They are a treasure to our planet. Filled with wisdom and love."

Karen Palmer
Job TitleFounder of GlobalKindness Going Viral, Best-Selling Author, Spokesperson, and Live Stream Expert

"Connie and Andrew have developed a course with simple exercises that bring profound awareness and deep emotional understandings. The Dance of Souls course will serve as the foundation in healing and enriching all of my relationships. Thank you both so much! Your inspiration and example are priceless."

David & Catrina Lynn

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