Meet the Co-Creators

Here are the co-creators - the geniuses - who have produced content for the Social Chrysalis.


Sharon Moloney

"I knew I was being invited to a much bigger YES to serving as an ambassador of Mother Earth, specifically in restoring the sacredness of the female body to the planet."

Sharon's program is:
Activate Your Female Power

Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel &
Gina Mazza

"Traditional marketing firms typically work inside a defined market space. At Creative One, our determined space is infinite and limitless, yet contextual and interpretive. Our approach provides a refreshing anti-narrative to the tiresome, false tactics that pervade the sales/marketing industry. We envision marketing pros mainly serving as mystics, healers, alchemists and intuitionists who work to restore balance, reshape communication and integrate higher thought; and we see business as foremost a bridge between one’s soul and the world."

Lee Ann and Gina's program is:
The InnerCourse


"I am passionate about helping people tap into their “genius” and higher purpose.  When we are aligned and contributing from our deepest heart’s desire, we can create a new earth together."

Rebecca's program is:
Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose

Janet Grace

"I know it was the Power of Love that has been my guiding force for all the amazing Miracles & Magic in my life and I live each day in deep Gratitude."

Grace's program is:
The Consciousness of Self Love


“Mindful, self-aware leadership allows us to take stock when we’re challenged by situations, people, conflicts and decisions. What natural strengths show up?”

Aurora's program is:
Heart Intelligent Leadership


"Climate change and adaptation is a domain where I feel I can really help make a difference and bring forth greater planetary health and well-being."

Pleasance's program is:
Creating Best Possible Futures


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