Precision Consciousness:

A course in igniting your awareness for thriving with Marti Spiegelman 

Discover your innate skills for taking action with perception and awareness, and learn how to focus these dynamic capacities to insure your thriving.

In 11 sessions Marti talks with Courtney Smith, President of Investment Mentoring Institute, as they discuss, challenge, and explain the full potential and creative precision of human consciousness.
As the Yaqui Masters of Central Mexico say:
‘The core of our being is the act of perception, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness.’

This course is perfect for you if you’re wondering:

  • What IS consciousness?
  • How would a ‘conscious’ world be different?
  • How can I increase my consciousness?
  • What are the big benefits of being more conscious?

The 11 Sessions of Precision Consciousness Consist of:

1 • What is technology?

  • The western mind and the indigenous mind
  • What we can’t see does hurt us
  • Gertrude Stein was right – there really isn’t any ‘there’ there

2 • Limitless consciousness, the ultimate technology

  • Historical examples of human consciousness at work achieving the ‘impossible’ – it’s indistinguishable from magic
  • Modern examples of human consciousness at work – still achieving the impossible but discounted as accidental discovery or ‘luck’
  • What it’s costing us to lose the magic

3 • The 2 aspects of awareness

  • Linear and relational intelligence: what each does and how they work together
  • The problems we create when we are only awake in linear awareness
  • The only way to solve these problems and move ahead

4 • Consciousness is always evolving

  • How it works in nature
  • The mystery of human-style consciousness
  • How we developed the idea that we’re separate from nature, and why we must change if we’re to evolve to higher levels of well-being and wealth

5 • Linking to intent and sourcing – Two primary actions

  • Intent – what it is and how to link to it
  • Sourcing – what it is and how to do it
  • Using intent and sourcing to generate higher value and greater abundance without
    depleting resources

6 • The organizing principles of consciousness – An introduction

  • The Golden Net – the organizing principles’ elemental nature, and how we lost them
  • The first principle – a totally new understanding of the power of presence and how it gives us sensing access to all the principles of consciousness
  • The primary triad – what we can bring to business, society, and the planet by realizing how we know things, changing how we invest in relationship, and remembering our collective nature

7 • A ‘how to’ for developing sensory awareness – Part 1

  • 5 great and easy exercises to develop sensory awareness
  • How each of the exercises develops relational intelligence, increases problem solving capacity and raises IQ
  • How each of the exercises opens you to the magic of full awareness, your core capacity to perceive, and what you can achieve in full consciousness

8 • The organizing principles of consciousness – The power of complementarities

  • A discussion of this world – business, money, value, relationships etc – as interwoven interactions of energies
  • The principle of complementarities – the basics of what it is and how it works
  • The principle in action – examples in trading, business, community, and how to employ the principle to innovate, evolve and generate value, wealth, etc.

9 • A ‘how to’ for developing sensory awareness – Part 2

  • 5 more great and easy exercises
  • How each of the exercises develops relational intelligence, increases problem solving capacity and raises IQ
  • How each of the exercises opens you to the magic of full awareness, your core capacity to perceive, and what you can achieve in full consciousness

10 • The organizing principles of consciousness – Membership and wholeness

  • Our modern way of ownership and competition – what it costs us
  • Membership and Wholeness – the power to create and the dissolution of scarcity
  • The third and fourth bottom line models in business – how the principles of membership and wholeness produce third and fourth bottom line outcomes automatically

Bonus • Using the organizing principles to dismantle roadblocks and craft success

  • Review of the basic 5 principles and how they interact
  • Examples of problem solving engaging the principles of consciousness
  • Examples of success-building in business and trading and community scenarios using the organizing principles

Meet Your Instructor

Marti Spiegelman

Marti Spiegelman, MFA is a training professional, mentor, speaker, and founder and host of Awakening Value™: Shamanic Technologies of Consciousness and Success on the VoiceAmerica™ Web Radio Network. She is also an initiated shaman, diviner, and healer with over four decades of specialized training in shamanic technologies and related fields.

The unique quality of Marti's work is the result of her nearly 40 years of business experience woven with her knowledge of science, cutting edge work in graphic communications, and expertise in the indigenous technologies of consciousness. Marti’s interest in the power of consciousness springs from her scientific background combined with the teachings of her shamanic initiations in South America, Africa, and Asia. Her insights into how consciousness drives success in business, finance, and society are unique. Drawing on physics, shamanic technologies, the related miracles of neurobiology, and our human capacity to create, evolve, and thrive Marti provides inspiration and delivers extraordinary wisdom in the discussions she leads in her trainings and talks around the world.

Precision Consciousness

This is a fully self-paced course that you can take at your convenience and return to whenever you like.


All audio segments can be downloaded in MP3 format


What People Are Saying about Marti

"Marti’s effervescent spirit, multi-dimensional experience, design/science background, and talent for clear communication is incredibly refreshing. She is a bright light with a gift for matching seemingly disparate puzzle pieces together."

Geoff Pucket
Event Designer and President/Founder of EffectDesign, Inc., California

"Marti’s clarity, deep commitment to the power of human consciousness, and understanding of what seeds to plant and what chaff to loosen have opened doorways in my life previously unimagined."

Rebekah Ingalls
Licensed Acupuncturist, Washington

"Training with Marti has been like getting access to the operating manual for the universe – insight into key organizing principles that govern everything from mother nature to everyday business transactions. Marti’s mentoring has brought a much higher level of creativity and value to my work with clients and communities. My business is now much more fun, innovative, and profitable."

Monica K Pohlmann
Monica K Pohlmann & Associates, Sustainability•Strategy•Planning•Facilitation, Canada

"Marti, like no one else in business, talks about the intangibles/invisibles of life - spirit, feeling, consciousness, and being present with the third eye open. It’s all a vital part of business."

Rhonda Bennon
Attorney at Law, The Empire Group, San Francisco

"This work is profoundly life-altering. All my life I have been trying to construct myself with advanced college degrees, consciousness-raising classes, and more self-help books than I can count. Now I live in my own power and I hear the voice of my own soul. I know my gift and strive daily to live it and grow it. For me Marti is a teacher of teachers, a maestra in the truest sense."

Corey Caballero
MA, Architect, California

"To be a longtime student of this masterful woman is perhaps the most profound gift of my life. Without Marti Spiegelman's elegant mentoring and teaching, who knows what challenged paths I'd be struggling along, half blind and grasping with no real clarity. My gratitude for Marti knows no bounds. I share here in hopes that you too may learn directly from her."

Kimberlie Chenoweth
Mentor and author – weaving land, lineage, and light to tend the inner fire

"Thank you for the wonderful day. I did the exercises today and it really helped me with a project I'm doing right now – writing a federal grant to a school district and a college. With the exercises you gave us I've remained calm all day and have just moved forward through the process. I am most grateful for meeting you and having the wonderful experience of your instruction."

Penny Dyer
Curriculum Design Institute, California

"Marti – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Munay (power of love), your Yachai (power of mind and vision) and Llanqay (power of your body and work). Seeing the three of these together was such a gift."

Elizabeth Becker
Business strategist becomes an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Director

"Marti’s visioning and guidance continue to move me into a new relationship with time and energy. Her teachings on crafting reality, maintaining commitment, and reaching deeper in my work are highly empowering. I now see how many lives Marti’s work touches as my training colleagues and I put to use what we learn from her. Marti is a life changer!"

Shanti Garlock
Craniosacral Practitioner, Entrepreneur, California

"Marti teaches you how to tap into that creative source with specificity, clarity and confidence. You will see new possibilities for your clients, your business and yourself, and have more fun doing it!"

Marji Mills
Anthropologist and Herbalist, Montana

"I've never dreamt so big and with such intention than after working with Marti."

Sue Libby
Entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker, California

"Marti really addressed all of my intellectual concerns and gave me the support and encouragement I needed to reclaim my imagination, my vision, and my confidence in my dreams and abilities."

Dr. Janet Young
Molecular Biologist, Maryland

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