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The Business of Creation


  • Why creativity and imagination are not only talents but also inborn instincts that are highly useful and effective. They are “superpowers” for tapping into consciousness. 
  • Understanding that consciousness is the way in which creation flows and how energy is sourced, stored and expressed. It is a palate that connects you to all that is and affords access to pure, limitless possibilities.
  • How modern science proves that you are a creator, simply as a consequence of your being here. The invisible energy field that you are a part of is the sole governing agency of your physical reality.
  • An explanation of the magical “Creation Point” in which meditation becomes engaging with the universe.
  • An introduction to the MetaProcess—or, how we tap into this infinite field of absolute potential and how you can, too.
  • An explanation of “Fully Realized Divine Earth” and why it’s the key to unlocking synchronicity.

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