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The Creation of Business


  • The whole new realm of business that is emerging, which redefines the role of “work” and even “why” business exists.
  • An exploration of Quantum Business and how engaging with Source as a business mentor aligns the actions of an organization with Creation itself.
  • How the MetaProcess translates into the business sector and why it’s even more powerful in a collective setting such as inside an organization.
  • How this vertical process can be used as a “highest level assessment tool” for synergized involvement that leads to positive evolvement for the entire organization and for humanity.
  • The unprecedented resonance that is created in the marketplace and the world as a result of this process.
  • What the future of business looks like, including the paradigm-shifting vision of a Holographic Work Culture.
  • How engaging with Fully Realized Divine Earth serves your work and personal evolution.

* The first three modules are contained in the course The Business of Creation, in which you will also be enrolled when you purchase this course, The Creation of Business

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