Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose


Take an expedited purpose-driven “wake up” journey as a road map to discover your unique genius and purpose. 


Rebecca Invites You
to Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose


The Program Includes Eight Modules

Module 1

The Story of My Life

Rebecca Becker of Raising the Vibe.

I went from being an artist/stay-at-home mom, to founding a non-profit just one year after an awakening experience. After a close family friend attempted to take his life, I started questioning my reality. I asked myself two questions: 1. Is there some sort of interconnected energy field that affects us and 2. What are the common elements in all religions throughout time and culture. After that, I started reading books about consciousness and the intersection between science and spirituality.

Module 2

The Story of YOUR Life

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

Many times if you just take a look at your life from a higher level, your life story will paint a picture of who you are and how all of the chapters in your life are divinely designed to bring you to your destined vocation or calling. Each area, or petri dish in life, is cultivating your growth. A major life event, relationship or career move is giving you clues about your evolution. Why did you make life-altering choices? What were the lessons learned? Why did you move on?  Are you moving forward or backward? Oftentimes, when you overcome something painful, you are uniquely able to be a “teacher” in that area. Also, by looking back at you at your best you can determine future areas of passion. Listen to friends, psychics and what is showing up in life and your meditation practice. Daily presence in life gives you clues.

Photo by Negative Space

Module 3

Identity Mapping®

With Susan Gannon, Identity Mapping Coach. 

The Identity Code: The 8 essential questions to finding your purpose and place in the world was founded by Larry Ackerman. In this module Susan will explain Identity Mapping®, the essential questions, and provide some case studies to illustrate how it can profoundly change your life. When you find your higher purpose you will also be bringing your gifts to the world in a unique way.

Module 4

Specialized Kinesiology & Energy Healing

With Rebecca Wineka, Specialized Kinesiologist. 

We are born with a certain set of genetics as well as in a unique family system. All of these factors shape your world view. Invariably, you will experience feeling unworthy, afraid, disconnected and unloved at some point your our life. Most of the time we create a “program” in our brain that says this is true and we stuff emotions in our body. This conditioned mind, which is often programmed out of fear, gives us our Ego identity. The body then responds to thoughts as if it were happening in real time and either produces an adrenal reaction, or if all is well, goes about its business of rejuvenating our cells. Specialized Kinesiology and other energy healing techniques use our subtle energy field to learn what the body needs and de-stress our unconscious programming and pull trauma out of the body where it has been stored. This gives people a clearer connection to their core essence or higher self.

Module 5

The Enneagram

With Nicholas Demetry, M. D., holistic psychiatrist, healer and teacher. 

The Enneagram is an ancient psycho-spiritual system of classifying personality types based on a nine-pointed starlike figure inscribed within a circle in which each of the nine points represents a personality type and its psychological motivations. Each type helps define how we think, feel and act at a background level. It is a belief system of how we adapt in the world to have our basic needs of love, security and self-worth met.  The Enneagram teaches us how we are organized individually and collectively and how to move around the circle to activate our inherent gifts.

Module 6

Human Design

With Karen McMullen, author and Human Design expert. 

Human Design was a transmission for a period of 8 days and nights to Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It is based on Astrology and the ancient Chinese I Ching, The Book of Changes. It posits that humans are imprinted at birth with their outward personality and 90 days before birth with their unconscious design. This is based on the science of neutrinos or particles, produced by the sun and stars, that carry an infinitesimal amount of mass and information. Human Design is multifaceted and can tell you much about your gifts and purpose on Earth. Karen reviews in this segment the four main energy or aura types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector. She helps you understand how you receive information, what you want to achieve, and strategies for interacting with others based on your type.

Module 7

The Gene Keys

With Sheri Herndon, Gene Key specialist and Evolutionary Ambassador.

The Gene Keys, formulated by Richard Rudd in his book, The Gene Keys: Unlocking your Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA, take Human Design one step further and illustrate how your DNA is tied to your life plan. Based on your birthday, time and place, you can determine your soul purpose, your gifts, your emotional challenges and the ultimate expression of your life.

Module 8

Akashic Record Reading

With Susann Shier, author of Soul Mastery.

The Akashic Records is an energetic database of all knowledge for all souls for all time. Accessing your Akashic record is beneficial to help you understand yourself more fully as a soul. Your first incarnation and the values from that world are deeply embedded in your essence and can shed light on your gifts and mission here on Earth.


About Your Instructor


REBECCA BECKER is a former advertising professional and VP of Marketing for United Way of Atlanta as well as an artist. In the midst of record “tribalism” at the end of 2017, she sought a way to bring people together over common values such as compassion, collaboration and positivity. Rebecca is an avid reader and seeker of spiritual knowledge. She regularly consults with conscious evolutionary leaders around the world to share best practices.  

Rebecca is Founder and Executive Director of Raising the Vibegroup of seekers who study, explore and experience what brings peace, joy and fulfillment to the human spirit. Its goal is to be part of the global dialogue that encourages mindfulness in our world, our closest relationships and in our own hearts. 

Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose

This is a fully self-paced course that you can take at your convenience and return to whenever you like.

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