Creative Aging:

Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose & Possibility

Embark on a conscious evolutionary journey that will take you into the depths of your true self and back out again to share your unique gifts with the world. Join with other pioneers in redefining the paradigm of aging!

8 weekly LIVE sessions starting on October 1, 2020.

Are you searching for a greater sense of purpose as you navigate the “second half” of your life?
Do you have a longing to tap into your authentic calling and make a meaningful contribution to the world in new and creative ways?
If so, we invite you to explore these spiritual practices that will transform your life and keep you fulfilled and thriving through the shifting territory of aging.

This course will empower you to:

  • Release limiting attitudes, beliefs, patterns and stories that no longer serve you

  • Develop a practice of saying “Yes!” to new opportunities in your life

  • Unlock your unique divine calling, gifts and life purpose
  • Embrace passion, creativity, deeper meaning and expanded possibilities, and use them in service of a better world
Your companions on the path / who this course is for:
  • Mature spiritual seekers who want to “polish the diamond” of who they are
  • Those who are relatively new to spiritual-practice work
  • Anyone with a sincere wish to consciously evolve

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Walter & Barbara Invite You to Creative Aging


The Creative Aging Experience ~
Eight Interactive Modules

LIVE facilitated sessions for each module will be held from Thursday, October 1 through Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 6:30-8:15 PM Mountain Time (US) on the Zoom platform. Recordings of each session will be made available to all participants.

Module 1

The Foundational Practice of Meditation

Research about aging almost universally indicates that spiritual practices are critical in shaping the new paradigms that are necessary for enlivened later years, where more profound meaning, a deeper sense of purpose, living from our highest human potential and being of service in a world that dearly needs creative, soulful solutions are the motivating factors.

We begin this journey with meditation, a foundational practice that puts us in touch with our own inner guidance independent of societal influences or the opinions of others. This wisdom is a catalyst for conscious evolution, which ultimately benefits us individually, those around us and the world.

Module 2

Revelations of Life Review & Self-Compassion

A very important practice that can assist us in moving from the concerns of the first half of life to those of the second is reflecting on our important life experiences to date. This process brings forth strengths and positive gifts we have and want to take with us into the future, as well as reveal patterns, beliefs and stories that no longer serve us and need to be released so that we can be open to new creative opportunities.

We must remember that the process of aging can be challenging and involves committed personal work. We’ll all experience physical, mental and emotional changes in the future, and developing the spiritual practice of self-compassion will help prepare us for adjusting to them and those of our loved ones.

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Module 3

The Transformative Power of Forgiveness & Gratitude

Life retrospection can also bring to light old wounds that still need healing before we can freely embrace the aging process with openheartedness and positive anticipation. Forgiveness has been put forth as a critical spiritual practice in all the main spiritual philosophies of the world. Simply stated, when we refuse to forgive, we never fully express our innate, unbounded magnificence. Forgiveness is an important practice we need to do for ourselves.

Gratitude is healing, uplifting and life affirming. With conscious intention, we can cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” that will transform our existence. The ability to look first for what is good and working in our lives, even in the face of challenges that are also present, powerfully shifts our relationship with others and the world.

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Module 4

The Freedom of Releasing

With the help of the clarity and presence we have gained from daily meditation and the understandings we have gleaned about beliefs and attitudes that limit our life possibilities, it is now time to graciously release them and embrace the innate gifts and passions we have. The resulting freedom is exhilarating!

Next we take a glimpse into our “deepest heart’s desire,” that which animates and empowers us at the foundation of our true essence.

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Module 5

Exploring What’s Calling You Now

On our evolutionary path, we are now ready to move into the creative possibilities that open up when we have a clear channel to the creative Source of all life. It is time to listen to our inner wisdom, which will bring us “home” to our authentic nature—our true “calling.” We delve more deeply into the exploration of who we really are, what gifts are uniquely ours and how we are to joyously use them in service of a greater purpose.

One very powerful process for accessing information in a different way from “thinking about it” is visioning. It allows us to tune in directly to the voice of Spirit for expanded perspective, wisdom and clarity about a new direction that wants to unfold for us.

Module 6

Discovering Your Life Purpose & Setting Intentions

Each of us is unique in all the cosmos and has a purpose only we can fulfill. It is our responsibility to discover what is innately programmed into us and is ours to do. The planet is at a critical “tipping point” and more than ever needs our creative approaches and solutions to the challenges that exist. It is important to emphasize that the goal is to have our life purpose begin to manifest, not just remain as a “good idea.” Setting intentions is a powerful spiritual tool to help activate the process and move it forward.

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Module 7

Benefits of Renewal, Inspirational Classes & Being in Community

At this point in our evolutionary journey, we have done much deep, transformational inner work, and it is time to pause, assess and reinvigorate. In this module, we will explore spiritual practices that can help alleviate stress, prevent burnout and reconnect with others:

  • Time in nature, self-care and radical self-care
  • Inspirational classes and reading
  • Being in community

Care must be taken to allow us the time and space we need to renew before once again turning our gaze outward to share our gifts.

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Module 8

Beyond Self to Service

Many people in their later years are drawn to be of service as a measure of gratitude for their life—there is a desire to give back. Now that we have determined our life purpose, we can clarify where we want to focus our service, so it is in creative alignment with our deepest interests and passions. We learn how being in service not only benefits the larger world, it also provides personal opportunities for synergy, recognition, teamwork and new constellations of friendship.

We will end our eight-week exploration of the power of spiritual practices with a closing ritual acknowledging and celebrating our evolutionary transformation.

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Meet Your Instructors

Walter Drew & Barbara Doern Drew

Walter and Barbara have been involved in the consciousness field since 1973. They speak, teach and write about transformational spiritual practices to enhance consciousness, creativity and deep purpose in our personal and professional lives.

They are regular contributors to Science of Mind magazine, most recently having written articles about such spiritual luminaries as human-potential pioneer Jean Houston, meditation- and conscious-evolution teacher Craig Hamilton, mystic and social activist Andrew Harvey, and futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, all with whom they have studied. They are also trained facilitators of the “Conscious Aging” program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and have been Social Chrysalis faculty since the platform's launch in January 2020.

Their current focus is their interactive program “Creative Aging: Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose and Possibility,” which they began in 2015 with the blessing of Jean Houston, who called them “exemplars” of the aging process (they were 73 and 67 at the time). Their teaching odyssey has taken them to Ukraine, Canada and Mexico, along with numerous locations in the United States.

Based on spiritual practices that they utilize regularly in their own lives and influenced by consciousness work they have done with the above teachers as well as mystic philosopher G. I. Gurdjieff, Science of Mind–founder Ernest Holmes and cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, their programs are transformational.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Walter’s passion is service, and he has served in international leadership in Centers for Spiritual Living (lineage of Ernest Holmes) since 2003, receiving an honorary doctorate in 2018 for his many contributions.

Barbara is an editor as well as a writer, and she has a professional tarot practice incorporating wisdom of the Kabbalah and astrology. Her life purpose is: “To be a bridge between the spiritual and material realms, assisting others in knowing their true divine identity and manifesting it.”

Creative Aging: Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose & Possibility

LIVE facilitated sessions will be held from Thursday, October 1 through Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 6:30-8:15 PM Mountain Time (US) on the Zoom platform. Recordings of each session will be made available to all participants.


Begins October 1


What People Are Saying
about Walter & Barbara

"Barbara and Walter are a GREAT partnership, blending their individual unique styles to create a deep and enriching experience. They are intelligent, fun, kind, and a great example of the creative aging process. They both demonstrate, not only in the material they share, but also in the way they are, the joy and fulfillment to be lived in the second half of life. Thank you, Barbara and Walter, for paving the way for others to follow."

Rev. Jill Brocklehurst
Centre for Spiritual Living Campbell River, British Columbia

"I recently had the opportunity to attend the weekend-long workshop ‘Creative Aging: Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose, and Possibility’—I am in my late fifties and have been wondering what the future holds for me. I found Barbara and Walter to both be lovely people, excited about their work, open to listening, and open to sharing. They created a space where I felt safe, I felt heard, and I felt that I was valued."

Charlene Clark
Centre for Spiritual Living Campbell River, British Columbia

"Dr. Walter Drew and Barbara Doern Drew did a wonderful presentation for our congregation on ‘Creative Aging: Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose, and Possibility.’ They were informative, inspiring, and engaging. Their interactive workshop was also well received, going into greater depth about this relevant topic and making it personal to all. They make a great team! We enjoyed having them here, and I'm so grateful for the experience—it and they were delightful."

Rev. Dr. Liesa Garcia
Center for Spiritual Living, Reno

"The wisdom and insight offered by Dr. Walter and Barbara in their ‘Creative Aging’ workshop was a transformative journey. Their tools and exercises honored my past, made me objectively conscious of my present, and gave me an enthusiastic vision of my future. I now see I have saved the best for last! I used to think that aging was about being ‘over the hill.’ The Drews showed me that the ‘hill’ was only preparing me to climb mountains!"

Curt Condie
Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living Board of Trustees and Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Council

"This dynamic duo are perfect role models for this experiential workshop, which deals not simply with embracing the advance of time (which is inevitable), but offers techniques and ideas that encourage, as well as provides practical tools for, thriving through time and using it as a catalyst for personal growth and fulfillment."

Dr. Deborah Gordon
Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living Kelowna

"Barbara and Walter bring beauty, humor, and depth to their teaching. They embody lives of purpose, compassion, and joy. They have a unique and powerful way to enliven their research for us and create the perfect space for an experience of ever-expanding conscious awareness. What a blessing they are to anyone on a path of greater spiritual connection!"

Judith Blaise
RScP, Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living

"Thank you so much for your interest, support, and diligence in preparing this program on ‘Creative Living’ for us in Ukraine—you have provided a tremendous service and uplift to our people. I loved watching the care and attention you gave to all our folks in the course of the class, but also ongoing during the week as the spirit moved us into position to be available for others. People loved you both and that care and attention. I hope you felt as loved by our community as they did by you both. Again, I am so grateful for all the shared gifts of time and insight you generously gave with us."

Rev. Dr. Barbara Leger
TEMENOS Center for Self-Realization, Ukraine

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