Courses to Expand Consciousness & Quicken the Planetary Awakening

A generation ago, the Human Potential movement emerged to support people in their self-actualization.

In this generation, the Social Potential movement is emerging to support groups of self-actualizing people to come together and actively build the systems to evolve humanity.

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Creative Aging
LIVE starting March 4

By Walter Drew &
Barbara Doern Drew

Embark on a conscious evolutionary journey that will take you into the depths of your true self and back out again to share your unique gifts with the world. Join with other pioneers in redefining the paradigm of aging!

NEW! Sacred Geometry and Energy Therapy

By Cynthia Hutchison

Empower yourself with learning about how Sacred Geometry can be applied to Energy Therapy in both self care and client sessions. (CE hours available for licensed clinicians.)

Increasing Consciousness through Body Energetics, Wisdom and Love

By Robert Novak

Transcend beyond into new potentials, new openings and connections. Align to your sacred heritage and destiny, plus increase your consciousness, vibration and Light. Clear many limiting factors in order to fully express and Be You!

The Dance of Souls:
The Relationship (R)Evolution

By Connie Baxter Marlow &
Andrew Cameron Bailey

Take an experiential exploration into conscious relationships through an evolving understanding of the loving nature of the Universe. See the purpose of The Dance of Souls for mirroring our light and shadow on our journey to wholeness. 

Precision Consciousness

By Marti Spiegelman

Discover your innate skills for taking action with perception and awareness, and learn how to focus these dynamic capacities to insure your thriving.

The Liminal Course

By Mike Parker

Learn to reduce stress, process painful memories, clear away unhelpful beliefs, and connect to your intuition. This course puts you in touch with your mind’s natural power to heal and maintain itself.

Master Your Visionary Skills

By Marti Spiegelman

Every human being is designed for nothing less than fulfillment in life – and we have a unique kind of creative consciousness that produces nothing but success and thriving, once we learn how to release to its magic.

The InnerCourse

By Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel &
Gina Mazza

Are you ready to tap your fullest creative potential and carry it into your livelihood? An Introduction to the MetaProcess For Individuals and Organizations.

Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose

By Rebecca Becker

Take an expedited purpose-driven “wake up” journey as a road map to discover your unique genius and purpose.

Trust & Truth in Business
(Coming Soon)

By Stephen Dynako &
Noreen Kelly

Expand your awareness of the virtues of trust and courage as essential to being  a fully-authentic business executive, professional, or entrepreneur.


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