“Millions of us are moving into the ‘social chrysalis’, attempting to evolve ourselves and our culture toward a still amorphous undefined society.  Each imaginal cell is coded with a unique creativity yearning to be expressed and integrated into the body of the societal butterfly. None of us has seen this form of society. We might call it a Cocreative Society in which each person is free to be and do his or her best within the evolving whole.”

 – Barbara Marx Hubbard


Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929 - 2019) is a beloved American futurist, spiritual leader, author and lecturer, affectionately known as “the grandmother of conscious evolution.” As far back as the 1940s, she portended that the human race was on the brink of an enhanced way of existing that involved a higher level of cooperation and enlightenment.

Upon reading Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man, Barbara was inspired to discover that evolution has a purpose. For billions of years the path of evolution moved from single cell, to multi-cell, to animal, to human and now to us -- that is, from homo sapiens (self-aware beings) to homo universalis (beings aware of self and other as universal). The inner drive, the consciousness force, the divine in nature had a direction toward higher consciousness, purpose and more complex of synergistic order. Barbara's epiphany was the profound realization that the direction of evolution and her own are one.

Nominated for the vice presidency in 1984 and a sought-after speaker across the world, Barbara believed that conscious evolution is a choice. She literally wrote the book on Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, first published in 1998. Barbara is also the subject of the 2017 documentary, “American Visionary.”

STEPHEN DYNAKO, SupraAmbassador

Barbara conducted the final program of her earthly life in partnership with Stephen in 2019. Since her transition, Stephen has been regarded as one of  Barbara’s final co-creators, by which he felt the sacred duty to create a visible platform for furthering her legacy.

Through his varied professional experiences in business, ministry, and as an author and educator, Stephen believes that humanity is ready to get radical about making Love our priority. His work is fully devoted to making conscious evolution a mainstream practice.

The Ambassadors are alumni of Barbara's final live course program, the Evolutionary Ambassador Academy.

They are seasoned professionals and practitioners across many sectors of the Wheel of Co-creation. The Academy gathered the Ambassadors in preparation to make a quantum leap towards conscious evolution.

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