12 Steps to Co-create
Healthy Sustainable Living &
Evolve Homo Amore Universalis 

Social Chrysalis is all about supporting how we can take an active role in conscious evolution. In the videos below, Tom Bougsty, author of Transform the World Into a Healthy and Sustainable Future, talks about his model for participating in just that.

The first video features Tom, as interviewed by Stephen Dynako, in which he provides a summary of his 12-steps model (Duration: 21 minutes):


The second video is Tom's presentation at a clinic for the Evolutionary Ambassador alumni, recorded in December 2019. Tom goes into more detail of his 12-steps, plus answers questions from the participants (Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes):


We are working with Tom

...to offer a full course on Social Chrysalis of his 12 Steps to Co-create Healthy Sustainable Living & Evolve Home Amore Universalis.

In the meantime, the other courses in our catalog support you in various ways in that same mission.

We invite you to take a look:

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