Co-creating Evolution
Through Action

  • Are you yearning to contribute your well-honed personal and professional gifts in a more meaningful way?
  • Do you feel an impulse to take an active role in the social potential movement?
  • Are you actively seeking to cooperate and collaborate with like-minded others?
Welcome to an educational platform for co-creators by co-creators. Here you will find the wisdom, knowledge, tools and resources to actively contribute to positive conscious evolution.
It’s time for us to consciously choose what we can become in the future—based on advancements in science, medicine, technology, psychology, sociology and spirituality—and bring it into our work and livelihood.
The social potential movement opens the door for cultivating one’s potential which, when joined with others who are doing the same, can create social change at large. On a personal level, it promises a better quality of life of creativity, fulfillment and happiness.

The Genesis of Social Chrysalis

Wheel of Co-Creation

The idea for Social Chrysalis emerged from the 2018 creation of the Evolutionary Ambassador Academy, originally designed to actualize participants' creative potential in the world and accelerate their personal evolutionary power. The Academy is based around the principles of the Wheel of Co-Creation, the brain- child of legendary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Barbara and Stephen Dynako prepared the Academy’s Ambassadors to boldly apply the principles of conscious evolution in a most practical way through their purposeful work, as directed by their own evolutionary impulses.

The Wheel of Co-Creation is a matrix of the ever-evolving social body. In conscious evolution, we are called to ACTION to transform our social body as an expression and actualization of our own potentiality. The aspects of society are symbolized as sectors, representing vital functions of the social body such as Health, Education, Economics, Environment, Governance, Arts and Media, and more.

What is Conscious Evolution?

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Social Chrysalis will be formally launched on January 20, 2020.


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